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Urban Vision Enterprise is a partner in the Government’s national neighbourhood planning support programme and has provided advice, support or undertaken support diagnostics for hundreds of plans. These range from small rural villages to complex urban areas. We have also prepared and advised on Neighbourhood Development Orders.

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We’ve authored extensive guidance on neighbourhood planning

We have authored extensive guidance on neighbourhood planning, including the Locality Neighbourhood Planning Roadmap Guide which is widely used by neighbourhood planning bodies around the country, and the National Trust guide to Heritage in Neighbourhood Plans.

Our aim is to ensure that Neighbourhood Plans have a smooth passage through the statutory process and then provide a robust and effective tool for development management. Our approach is to focus our support on the technical planning work, so as to avoid unnecessary fees for work that can be carried out by neighbourhood planning bodies.  In particular, we have extensive experience of policy drafting.


Our support for neighbourhood plans includes:

Advice and training on the neighbourhood plan process, including meeting legal requirements

Support and advice in identifying neighbourhood areas and putting together neighbourhood forums

Advice on evidence requirements

Advice on community engagement and consultation strategies, including stakeholder mapping

Complex negotiations with local planning authorities

Policy drafting, including rationale and evidence

Growth strategies, including site allocation methodologies

Advice on housing need and viability

Advice on SEA and HRA screening

Advice on statutory consultation (regulation 14), including support in the analysis of Regulation 14 responses

Health-check reviews of draft plans to assess any issues around meeting legal requirements and to advise on whether policies will be effective in practice

Support and advice on consultation statements and basic conditions statements

Advice and support on the independent examination, including negotiations on modifications

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Neighbourhood Planning

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