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Problem solving

Planning is more than processes, it is about finding creative solutions.

Planning is a participatory activity, done with communities and stakeholders. A positive, creative, problem-solving and sometimes entrepreneurial activity.

Urban Vision Enterprise CIC

A social enterprise providing professional services in planning, regeneration, and economic development

We are experienced, chartered town planners. We are professional, but also friendly and informal. We use plain English.

how we can help you

Our services

Community - led Development

We provide support and advice for community-led development projects.

Independent Design Review

A design review panel with a constructive approach to create benefits for all involved.

Guidance and Training

We have prepared guidance for numerous national organisations and programmes.

Placemaking, Design and Heritage

Urban Vision Enterprise has a broad range of experience in dealing with the conservation and regeneration of built heritage

Planning and Economic Development

Services for a range of clients, including national bodies, local authorities, local councils and local community organisations

Neighbourhood Planning

Urban Vision Enterprise is a partner in the Government’s national neighbourhood planning support programme

UVE Authored Guidance

Published throughout a wide range of guidance on planning and regeneration.

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